About us

Founded in October 2016, Gills ‘n Thrills Custom Lures is a custom painted fishing lure company located in Northern Michigan. Gills ‘n Thrills provides custom painted lures to both pro and amateur anglers. Whether you’re looking for a specific color combination to be replicated, or choosing from our designed color combinations, we have every lure to suit your needs.

Feel free to navigate the website to learn more about Gills ‘n Thrills Custom Lures, their work, and what customers have to say. Reach us on the “contact” page to your get your hands on the hottest new baits on the market.


Meet the team

  Kayla Moore

Owner and Painter

Kayla is the owner and painter of Gills ‘n Thrills Custom Lures. After numerous attempts to find a specific color combination on her favorite bait, she purchased an airbrush and some lure blanks – and from there the magic began! Kayla is a graduate of Northwood University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management with a Minor in Entrepreneurship. In her free time, you can find her in the woods or water doing what she loves.